Sikhs at The Centre

Sunday  from 3pm to 7pm РThe Centre, Farnham Road

Following the official opening of Interfaith Week, the Sikh community are holding an event to coincide with the Gurpurb (birthday) of Guru Nanak Dev Ji (the 1st Guru of the Sikhs).

Come and join us for Langar – free samosas, sweets, fruit and drinks, Kirtan (singing hymns), Gatka Akhara, Khalsa Aid, Turban competition, Sikh values and the cultural environment, Sikh ID, a documentary film on Sikhism, and more. The evnt will be broadcast on Sikh channel, Sangat channel, Punjab Radio and Asian Star. Guests will include MP Fiona Mactaggart, the Mayor and Deputy Mayor of Slough, plus faith and community dignitaries.

For more information, call Rabinder Singh Sohil 07553 659107