Inter Faith Week 2015

National Interfaith Week 2015 & Slough Faith Partnership

The Slough Faith Partnership and Windsor Humanists held an event at the Waterman Arms in Eton on Tuesday 24th November as part of the National Inter Faith Week  to discuss religious extremism based on the film Timbuktu shown by Slough Film Society last week.   IMG_7546

The event was a great success  with a lively discussion which ranged widely over all the many complex  issues around religious extremism in Mali, more widely across the Western and Islamic world, the process of radicalisation, segregation of religious groups on their separate  ‘belief islands’, and the influence or not of faith schools etc.  There were many opinions and perspectives expressed and listened to as you’d expect when you have over 15 people of all faiths and none present to discuss such a complex and controversial issue such as religious extremism.  WIndsor Humanists and the Slough Faith Partnership hope that we can continue to hold similar inter faith events during 2016 to continue the dialogue and debate in our local area – watch this space for advanced publicity.

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As part of the National Interfaith Week Slough Cooperative Film Society are putting on a film called Timbuktu at the West Wing Arts Centre in Slough on 19th November 2015 at 19.45. There is plenty of parking near the art centre and tickets are £5 for non members
timbuktu3The film is about a Malian cattleman and his family facing the wrath of Islamic fundamentalists after a tragic accident. More info is on the link:

Timbuktu review on Guardian

Following the film the Slough Faith Partnership and Windsor Humanists will hold a discussion session about the impact of extreme religion on humanity -at the Waterman’s Arms in Eton on the evening of 24th November 2015 starting at 7.30pm till 9pm. All welcome.

Radicalisation Conference 2015

Iqra School held their second Radicalisation Conference at Pinewood Hotel on 9th November 2015


Zafar Ali, Co-Chair, Slough Faith Partnership, Chair, Governors, Iqra School

Key speakers: Geraint Evans, Her Majesty’s Inspector Ofsted, Specialist Advisor for Extremism, Local Policing Area Comander, Slough, Superintendent Simon Bowden, Zafar Ali, Chair of Governors of Iqra Primary School and Noeman Anwar, Head Teacher of Iqra Primary School. Iqra School has had been targeted by Radicalised groups in the past and thwarted them successfully.


Resource: Radicalisation Conference 2015




Inspiration of Darwin on Science, Education and Faith

Art Beyond Belief, Slough Faith Partnership and the Wisdom Project of Eton College organised a challenging and inspiring debate on “Inspiration of Darwin on Science, Education and Faith” at Eton College’s Jafar Hall on 20th October 2015.


David Sparrow, Co-Chair of Slough Faith Partnership introduces the evening.


John Breadon, Eton College Chaplain, Dr Carol Boulter, Key Speaker & George Fussey, Curator of Natural History Museum.


We are hoping to continue these debates in the future.


Resource: Talk By Dr Carol Boulter- The inspiration of Charles Darwin