Inter Faith Week 2016

Interfaith Week 2016

Slough Interfaith Group set to “Spice Up” Calais Refugees Life

To celebrate Interfaith Week 2016 Slough Faith Partnership teamed up with St Andrews Methodist Church who started an initiative to help refugees in Calais – in partnership with Calaid*.








On Saturday 19th November, a group of compassionate people came together at St Andrews Church to make spice bags** for the refugees in Calais. This evening’s work aimed to add a bit of extra taste to dry food donated to the refugees.

While making the bags, the guests shared the food they brought and talked about the things that were important to them. Everyone was agreed that the situation in Calais is appalling and makes us aware of the priviliged lifestyle we have in this country.

Mayor of Slough, Councillor Arvind Dhaliwal gave a speech on the importance of living in harmony and being helpful to those in need during these hard times.

** The spice bags consisted of a spoonful of salt, spoonful of chili pepper, spoonful of garam masala, along with two garlic cloves and two stock cubes.