Sessions with Mr. Abdullah Rahim

You met Mr. Abdullah Rahim at Faith Anchor (PWA) last year.

He is going to be with us again during the Interfaith Week in Nov 09. On 21st Nov Sat he will be at the Kingsway Church High Street, Slough (Church Street-opposite M&S) from 12pm to 5pm and the same evening at Holiday Inn,Slough & Windsor (At the Round about before M4 near Chalvey) Restaurant Area (7pm to 10 pm). He will also join us at the Walk to Talk from Salt-hill Park to Stoke Poges Mosque next day Sunday 22nd. You may come and meet him, discuss about various aspects of Islam and other Religions and ask Questions.

Please pass on to friends and family.

Following is his brief introduction:

Abdullah Rahim is an Associate Fellow of Al-Mawrid Foundation for Islamic Research and Education. He is also the president of Understanding Islam organisation in the UK.

Abdullah began his studies in Islam by attending an Islamic Seminary on a part time basis for six years from 1985. From 2003 onwards Abdullah has had the advantage of having Moiz Amjad, a Scholar and a student of Javed Ahmad Ghamidi, as his tutor and mentor for studying Islam. Since 2008, Abdullah has continued his study and research on Islam under the guidance of Javed Ahmad Ghamidi. He is carrying out a number of research projects for Al-Mawrid, while answering religious questions at the Al-Mawrid and the Understanding-Islam websites and doing online teaching at the Studying Islam website. His writings also appear in the monthly Islamic Journal of Renaissance. Abdullah runs and delivers Quran study sessions, lectures and workshops in Glasgow and Manchester.

Abdullah’s main areas of interest are Interpretation of the Qur’an, Study of Hadith (Takhreej) and Islamic Intrafaith Studies. He also has a BSc and an MSc in Systems Engineering and a PhD in Organisational Analysis which forms his formal occupation as a university lecturer in Glasgow. Abdullah has recently started a second PhD at the University of Glasgow on the subject of The Relationship between the Qur’an and the Hadith.


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