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Hindu Day

Tuesday 23rd November – The Centre, Farnham Road

The Hindu Community of Slough invites you to come and join us on Tuesday 23rd, between 11am and 4pm at The Centre. At 3pm, Shri Pt. Naresh Saraswat, eminent Hindu scholar and the chief priest of the Hindu Temple will speak on “Hinduism in the 21st century”. The talk will be followed by a discussion and light refreshments. For more information call Vijaya Gupta 01753 537996


Hindu presentations

The Hindu Community gave presentations at the Hindu Temple, including Aarti prayer and Priti Bhoj (community food), and at Kingsway throughout the day on Tuesday.


Hindu Day

Join us at the Hindu temple in Keel Drive for a presentation on Hindu religion, Aarti (short prayer) and Priti Bhoj (community food). Starts at 6.30pm.


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Of all the names of God

Aum is the Supreme

Aum (also Om) is the most comprehensive name of God


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