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Presentations by the Sikh Community

Sunday 20th November 4.00 to 6.00pm – The Centre

Presentations by the Sikh community: Gatka (Martial Arts) and Hymns followed by food.

More information on the Sikh event from Rabinder Singh Sohil, 07553 659107.

Food provided at Sikh Gurdwara

Tuesday 22nd November from approximately 8.00pm – Ramgarhia, Woodland Avenue

Following the evening’s events, food will be provided at Ramgarhia Sikh Gurdwara, Woodland Avenue

Sikhs at The Centre

Sunday  from 3pm to 7pm – The Centre, Farnham Road

Following the official opening of Interfaith Week, the Sikh community are holding an event to coincide with the Gurpurb (birthday) of Guru Nanak Dev Ji (the 1st Guru of the Sikhs).

Come and join us for Langar – free samosas, sweets, fruit and drinks, Kirtan (singing hymns), Gatka Akhara, Khalsa Aid, Turban competition, Sikh values and the cultural environment, Sikh ID, a documentary film on Sikhism, and more. The evnt will be broadcast on Sikh channel, Sangat channel, Punjab Radio and Asian Star. Guests will include MP Fiona Mactaggart, the Mayor and Deputy Mayor of Slough, plus faith and community dignitaries.

For more information, call Rabinder Singh Sohil 07553 659107

Sikh Gurdwara Open Day

Wednesday 24th November  2pm to 4pm – Singh Sabha Gurdwara, Sheehy Way

“Let’s do lunch” and open day at the Gurdwara

For more information, call Rabinder Singh Sohil 07553 659107

Sikhs in the Square

Immediately after the launch, the first event of interfaith week took place in the town square.The Sikh community didn’t let pouring rain stop them entertaining the Saturday shopping crowds. Free food, fruit and drinks were provided and there were displays by Sikh organisations and appearances from local faith and community leaders. Events were broadcast by the Sikh channel, Punjab Radio and Asian Star Radio.


See a video of the drummers in the square here

Film Showing: Turbanology

Come and see the acclaimed film Turbanology, directed and produced by Jay Sing-Sohal.

5.30 – 7.30pm Venue – Ramgarhia Sikh Temple, Woodland Avenue, Slough SL1 3BU

see more about the film here

Sikh Faith Open Day “let’s do lunch”

at Ramgarhia Gurdwara – Friday 20th November 2pm to 4pm – please come and join us.

Sikhs in the Square Invitation

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To celebrate Interfaith Week
we invite you to

Sikhs in the Square

Come, learn and take part in a great community event


The Square (next to the cinema) Slough High Street

Saturday 14th November 2009

2pm – 4pm

Langar – Free Somosas, sweets, fruit and drinks
Provided By Haveli restaurant and the Sikh Community

Gatka by
Baba Fateh Singh Gatka Akhara

Life Time Achievment Award

Khalsa Aid, Sikh’s and the Environment,Ministry of Dhol, Sikh ID, Sikh Federation, shabaad Keertan, Aik Saath, AtmaImages and many more

Broadcasted By

Sikh Channel and Punjab Radio
Asian Star

Invited guests
Mayor of Slough Joginder Singh Bal
MP Fiona Mactaggart
Faith and community leaders