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Opening event of Interfaith Week 2010

Sunday 21st November at 2pm – The Centre, Farnham Road

Interfaith Week in Slough will be officially launched by Mayor of Slough Cllr Jagjit Grewal at 2.30pm.

This year there is even more to see and do throughout the week – in addition to the week-long exhibition at The Centre, there are a number of events, talks, discussions and hospitality at places of worship around Slough, and three films of offer at the West Wing Arts Centre during the week.

Interfaith week is an opportunity for everyone to find out more about faiths and religious cultures, meet new people, ask questions and share experiences.

Take a look at the calendar, or download the Interfaith Week leaflet here.

Sikhs at The Centre

Sunday  from 3pm to 7pm – The Centre, Farnham Road

Following the official opening of Interfaith Week, the Sikh community are holding an event to coincide with the Gurpurb (birthday) of Guru Nanak Dev Ji (the 1st Guru of the Sikhs).

Come and join us for Langar – free samosas, sweets, fruit and drinks, Kirtan (singing hymns), Gatka Akhara, Khalsa Aid, Turban competition, Sikh values and the cultural environment, Sikh ID, a documentary film on Sikhism, and more. The evnt will be broadcast on Sikh channel, Sangat channel, Punjab Radio and Asian Star. Guests will include MP Fiona Mactaggart, the Mayor and Deputy Mayor of Slough, plus faith and community dignitaries.

For more information, call Rabinder Singh Sohil 07553 659107

Find out about Judaism

Monday 22nd November – The Centre, Farnham Road

Find out more about Judaism as a religion – our exhibition during interfaith week is designed to help people understand a little more about what makes up the Jewish faith.

The exhibits will include a number of Jewish artefacts used in prayer, some information about Jewish festivals and some of the artefacts on display.

In the morning, come along to ask any questions you may have about Judaism, Jewish thinking or modern Jewish life.

Abraham, the Father of the Faiths

Tuesday 23rd November – Stoke Poges Lane Mosque Basement

A talk and discussion on Abraham, an important spiritual father for several faith groups.

Hindu Day

Tuesday 23rd November – The Centre, Farnham Road

The Hindu Community of Slough invites you to come and join us on Tuesday 23rd, between 11am and 4pm at The Centre. At 3pm, Shri Pt. Naresh Saraswat, eminent Hindu scholar and the chief priest of the Hindu Temple will speak on “Hinduism in the 21st century”. The talk will be followed by a discussion and light refreshments. For more information call Vijaya Gupta 01753 537996


Film: Amazing Grace

Tuesday 23rd at 7.45pm – West Wing Arts Centre, Stoke Road

The idealist William Wilberforce, the great crusader for the British abolition of slavery, maneouvres his way through Parliament, endeavoring to end the British transatlantic slave trade.

Art Beyond Belief, in partnership with Slough Cooperative Film Society, is showing three movies during Interfaith Week that show the powerful effect of a personal faith.

For more information, contact Andrea 07958 320686


Discussion: Long Fasting Hours in the UK

Wednesday 25th November  10am to 12noon

Brighton and Sussex University Hospital, Eastern Road, Brighton BN2 5BE

Debate between Dr Henna Khan and Imam Sajid; Is going by the clock an option?

Discussion on the pros and cons of long fasting hours for Muslims in the UK.

More information from Henna Khan 07880 748913

Experience the Labyrinth

Wednesday 24th November between 11am and 4pm

We welcome you to come and experience a labyrinth on Wednesday, or to come at any time during the week to chat or to find out more about Christianity.

Labyrinths have been used for Christian meditation and reflection for many centuries, from simple outdoor pathways to elaborate designs in cathedrals and abbeys.

A labyrinth used in this way is a journey in three parts. The first part (in towards the centre) is about shedding the cares of the outside world and turning towards God. The second part (the centre) provides an unhurried place to be still and give yourself over to God. The third part (out from the centre) is about taking what you have received back out into the world. The labyrinth journey is a personal one, and everyone experiences it in a different way.

For further information call Andrea 07958 320686

Sikh Gurdwara Open Day

Wednesday 24th November  2pm to 4pm – Singh Sabha Gurdwara, Sheehy Way

“Let’s do lunch” and open day at the Gurdwara

For more information, call Rabinder Singh Sohil 07553 659107